The wireless networking market is growing rapidly as businesses discover the productivity benefits of going wire-free

    ClearVue Networks can migrate your applications — and your people — to a wireless infrastructure. Wireless solutions are quickly becoming the cost-effective means to extending network access and are changing business processes altogether. The increased mobility that ClearVue Networks offers has proved beneficial in operations throughout manufacturing facilities, warehouses, transportation depot, hotels, airports, hospitals, colleges, large enterprises, and convention centers in cities/municipalities and rural areas. Within the corporation, conference rooms, public areas, and branch offices constitute ideal venues for wireless LANs (WLANs).

    Deployment of a wireless network requires careful planning. Business requirements and objectives need to be evaluated, and a site survey must be undertaken to determine possible sources of interference. Wireless networks can be difficult to implement in high interference areas, can be incompatible with existing equipment, and can also open up security risks. WLANs are best used in addition to—rather than as a replacement to—wired networks. Our technicians will assure proper planning when designing and implementing your wireless network. The complexity of your network will vary depending on the size of your facility and any obstacles that exist within it.